.Hack Rena

A Quick Reintroduction

Hello everyone!

I figured that since I had dropped off the face of the earth for a bit due to some personal stuff and since I have seen that some new members have joined that it would be a good idea to do a quick reintroduction! My name of course is Nadoki65 and I joined back in December 2014. :)

My main collections are the sentret-furret line as well as the zigzagoon-linoone line. I just really like ferret like creatures lol! I also side collect meowth-persian as well as zangoose-seviper but those collections are kinda on hiatus right now as I want to keep them relatively small so I need to decide on what I really want to add, but for the most part I am pretty pleased on where they stand. As far as my main collections I am looking on collecting all the figures available for them first and foremost and then into the more interesting flats of them. Thankfully, I am not a 'completionist' collector as it saves my wallet lots of heartache haha! And yet I still manage to use up my collection funds each month. ;n;

Anywho, here are the most recent pictures of my collection! :) They are actually a little old, this was my pre move display. I've gotten my old display case from my parents but I'll need new glass doors made before I can unpack everything again. Cats and small items don't mix lol. :)

First up are my pride and joys! I am really thankful to the community as most of my collection was gotten from here. :)

Next are the two side collections. Cats are my next favorite after ferrets. :) There are also some other cool odds'n'ins displayed as well since I had limited space.

Then I have these cool zukans, eventually I would like to add a couple more cat ones. And then I have all my plush posed together for this picture. Catbus is in there because that was actually his home and the smaller plush were invading lol! Big Meowth is my favorite, he is so big and cuddly! Also, Cyndaquil shoulder buddy went with me to the first Toys R Us Pokemon 20th Anniversay event, but I was kinda disappointed that no one else really dressed up. It doesn't look like Pokemon is really big in my town. :(
20160227_154157.jpg 20160227_154556.jpg
Lastly, here are all the flats I have aquired from the community! I'm not really huge on flats but I will happily pick up cool and unique ones that I come across. :) I made them smaller as there are a few pages of them.
20160227_155445.jpg 20160227_155430.jpg 20160227_155518.jpg 20160227_155527.jpg
20160227_155551.jpg 20160227_155608.jpg 20160227_155641.jpg 20160227_155710.jpg

I actually have a little bit more that what is pictured here but I just recently moved from my apartment and so the rest were left in their packages since I would have had to repack them otherwise. I'll probabaly try to do a seperate post for them later though. Also, in addition to Pokemon I am also a fan of Tailmon's line from Digimon and am debating starting a collection of her and I do have another main collection of .Hack line merchandise.

And well, that's me! It is nice to meet you, or meet you again! :)