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Some Fuzzy New Arrivals and A Box from Japan :)

Hi everyone!
I got a couple of cuties in that mail awhile back when I was away from the community that I would love to share with you! :)
Beware this post is a bit photo heavy.

Can you guess who I bought from? :)

Sentret investigates the package from the Zigzagoon Queen herself! XD
Inside he finds someone who looks very familiar...
A Tomy Sentret along with the ferret-y tail of...
The Tomy Furret and who is that little guy peeking out?
It's the super small and adorable Furret Mascot plush!
Some of you might remember when zigguppafu rehomed most of her Sentret-Furret collection way back when and I was super happy and honored to be able to welcome these guys to my home. <3

Next up I have a box of goodies from Japan!

Let's open it up and see what we have!

Here is everything all together.

First up is 7 cute banks. Wobbuffet stepped in for a family portrait. :)

And then some Pichu faning toys and an interesting little box...

The box folds out to be like a little display with three cool little glass bottles!

Then I got a Pikachu lock, a Togepi keychain figure, and a few metal figures.

I also got some more postcards for my budding postcard side collection along with some can badges and stickers.

After that some miscellaneous figures with the little guy that I was after at the very end! The Sentret grabby figure, which is the reason I had bought this lot to begin with. XD

I also bought a set of Battle Stadium Figures

I only wanted the Furret one but I am also happy that Meowth was a part of the set since I have a small side collection of him. I picked up the Sentret one by itself for pretty cheap.

That's it from me for today. :) My collections are coming along slowly but surely. I think I will probably have one more photo heavy catch up gets post before I will be all caught back up! XD

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day. :)
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