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Pokemon Wants

I have never posted a wants list before so I figured it is high time I do it! Hopefully, you can help me out or give me some leads!


My absolute main priority wants are below:
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Then I have the rest of my wants here:
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 I have also been working on putting together a Trades post! Once I get it all finished up I will be posting it as well!

Also, I was wondering if anyone else has been having errors when leaving feedback? I can log into the feedback site but when I try submitting feedback it gives me and error page. :c

A Belated Introduction

Hello everyone! I'm Nadoki65 and I joined the community about 6 months ago and I decided it was about time to properly introduce myself. ^^
Also a Parasect? A friend called me a hermit crab the other day since I'm a big introvert (which is a contributting factor to my very belated intro post) and it gave me an idea to make a drawing for this post. XD
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Hi, I have been a fan of Pokemon for as long as I can remember. I started with Pokemon Silver and then Emerald when it was released. Unfortunately, I missed out on the remakes as well as Black and White but I was able to play Pokemon Y and now ORAS. One day I hope to collect the games I missed but for now I have another focus. I have been following Pokemon groups on Facebook for awhile and have heard of the PKMNCollectors group from there and so here I am trying to get a membership to the group. I love all things ferrets thanks to owning one of my own and so when I saw Sentret and Furret Tomys on a Facebook group I jumped to buy them. As such I am now looking to buy a Zigzagoon and Linoone Tomy as well.

My collection is very unorganized and not all together so this is just what I have gotten recently:
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Thanks for reading,