.Hack Rena

Community Gets!

Hello! I wanted to show off some of the recent gets I have gotten from the community! :3

First off a big thank you to o_0digitizdx_x and Swampeh! Thanks to them I was previously able to get four out of the five Sentret metals! And now thanks to this most recent Metals GA I will be getting the last metal Sentret that I need, Gold! :)

Next up is some of the Substiture Gacha Figures. I couldn't resist wanting all three versions of Substitute and Cyndaquil is my favorite starter and so the rest is history. I couldn't believe how small they were though! o.o This was my first time getting any of the gacha figures so I was very pleasantly surprised, I love tiny figures! <3 Currently, they are still in their packages since I still have not figured out where to display them lol!

I am sooo glad to finally get the Goomy with the little accessories! :D Out of all the Goomy Gacha figures from this line this is the only one that I really wanted, but since I don't collect Goomy I kept putting it off. However, once I saw how tiny and cute the Substitute gachas were and then the Goomy set popped up for sale, I just had to jump on it! The seller even included an adorable note as well as another drawing on the package too! :3 I really love the tiny Cleafairy doll and I took a picture with my handmade one which is a bit derpy lol. One day I would like to add the Clefairy Doll Tomy figure to my collection as well. :)

Next up, I managed to find the Furret Meiji Coin to go along with my Sentret one! And then some random little figures as well. I have been wanting a second Linoone zukan piece to go along with my Zig-Linoone set so it would look like there were two parent Linoones to the baby Zigzagoon. XD Linoone came as a set with Pachirisu who although cute, refuses to stand up on his own lol! I also picked up the mysterious tiny meowth since he was so cute and the Magicarp who needs some tail surgery. I got Dunsparce because...Dunsparce! I don't collect him but I loved the one I had in Silver and the kid is so cute that I couldn't resist! :)

I also managed to track down the Furret Tomy Keychain to go along with the Sentret version that I already had in the picture. Don't you just love completing sets! <3 In addition, I picked up the larger of the two Sentret Tail Plush. I'm not sure if I will eventually look for the smaller version as it has a sitting Sentret charm instead, but for now I am happy having just this one.

I absolutely loved this new Pokemon With You Campaign! Of course it was because Furret was featured! I really love Clearfiles and they are easy to frame and use as cute pictures on your wall and I also think dice bags are pretty useful. I only got these two items from the campaign as I just don't have room to be a Furret completionist, so I just got my favorite items. :)

Next up, I finally found a Linoone Stak Manget!!! I already had Sentret and Furret and so now all I need is the Zigzagoon one! :D I also picked up the Zangoose one too. :) The three little Gameboys I found off community and are really cute! I really like miniture type items so I could not resist!

And last up is Beanz! I have been looking and looking for the Zigzagoon Mighty Beanz and I finally got lucky and found him on Ebay...in a lot lol! So I got my wanted Zigzagoon and with a nice stroke of luck the Seviper beanz too and a whole bunch more! It is actually kind of neat seeing so many together and when you pick up the case the little beanz inside sound like thunder! XD

Thank you so much for reading! I actually have a couple of cool grails that I managed to get a hold of too along with a special custom, but I think they deserve their own post. ;)

Hope you have a splendind day and see you next time!